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Keeping our minds focused where we desire our lives to grow – in Joy!

Positive-Focused & Empowering Minds Products

Affirmation Products

Meditate on your success and your health while coloring these amazing illustrations.  These books are created to help your mind stay positively focused.

Positive visuals and meditative products shifts the mind to stay focused on your goals. Beth, the Joyful Manifestor, creates products to align with bringing joy, success and empowerment energy into your life.

Manifest Your Joyful Life

Beth, The Joyful Manifestor, teaches the Three Laws of Manifestation free on YouTube and in our Facebook Group.  For her own life, she has always created products to go in her home, office, car and, yes, even wear that were positive focused. She knows that the mind picks up on affirmations in her environment.

“Keeping an Affirmation Flip Book with me allows me to use my time waiting more productive.  I’ll pull it out and focus on the positive feelings of the words while standing in line at a store, sitting at the doctor’s office or waiting for prospect appointments. I know that ‘where my attention goes, energy flows is accurate.'” – Beth Varian

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