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“I Am A Money Magnet” Manifesting Mind Shift Tool


ENERGY FLOWS WHERE ATTENTION GOES.  Use this Manifesting Tool to Focus Your Mind!

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Imagine being reminded of an essential affirmation every time you write a check, plan your schedule, take a phone message, or take notes from your favorite teaching. “I AM A MONEY MAGNET!” If you say it and believe it, while being reminded of it, money will flow into your life. You will have, as T. Harv Eker says, a “millionaire mindset.”

This luxurious pen comes in silver with a blue accent and silver script written right below your grip, making “I AM A MONEY MAGNET!” always readily visible in your day to day tasks. This is no ordinary pen, it is a manifestation tool meant to build you wealth and prosperity through the dynamics of conscious acceptance.

Get yours now! In fact, spread the wealth mindset and get some for your friends, co-workers, employees and family. Only $18.95 each!

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